Elias Lundgaard

From Copenhagen, Denmark. Founded an eye tracking company in 2017, and worked as CTO there until it’s acquisition by GN Audio, part of the GN Group in 2021. Currently working on making video intelligent with CV & AI at Jabra.

Wrapping Swift for Python: Bridging the gap with Pybind11

Just write it in C and wrap it in Python… I want to see you struggle @programmersarealsohuman5909 I recently worked on a project that required seamless integration between a Swift Framework and Python. Options like PyObjC exist for simple integrations, but if the Swift code needs to be bundled up, or if you’re working on larger projects, the best option is to “wrap it up”. There’s no direct way to make Python bindings for Swift, but we can wrap C/C++, for example with PyBind11, and expose the Swift functions as C symbols with @c_decl (which is stil undocumented and unofficial)....

December 16, 2023

How to Mount Synology NAS to Raspberry Pi

You’re probably here because you’ve spent more than five minutes trying to figure out how to mount your new Synology NAS to your Raspberry Pi. Even though it’s basically the same as mounting any other drive, there’s a couple of details you need to take care of. I’ll walk through the entire process here. The Use Case I recently acquired an old Synology NAS running Synology DiskStation to keep extra back-ups of cloud storage (better safe than sorry), TimeMachine and to host some of my music & media which can then be accessed through services like Plex....

May 2, 2021

How I Built a Wooden Gear Clock Using a Laser Cutter

As a project for my exchange stay at Lancaster University in 2016, I built a functional mechanical wooden clock. The challenge: use only a laser cutter for tools and plywood for materials. The goal of this project was to examine the limits and expectations of laser cutting. How advanced can we build? What tools can be replaced? And what quality can be expected? Check out the result in my video below:...

March 18, 2019

Pancakebot: An over-the-top fully automated crêpe maker.

Sometimes, the simplest problems requires the most over-engineered, complicated and ridicoulus solutions. Pancakebot is one of those. It all started as a mechatronics project on DTU with a couple of fellow students (Frederik, Emilie, Sofie, Lasse and Ditte for credits). We were all incredibly dissatisfied with the time-consuming and boring process of baking crêpes, and decided to do something radical about it. After 3 intense weeks of staying up late, coding, cutting and gluing, our prayers where heard: Panckebot!...

March 10, 2019